UFO Caught From Helicopter Over Montana

For anyone to believe in such conspiracies as UFO’s they must be very certain of their existence, better yet to have seen one. Here it seems like another fine cloudy day in England when a jolly person has happen to carry a camera and film something very very unusual. People can sometimes, if lucky enough […]

Aliens/UFOs Ancient aliens/Anunnaki

What archaeologists really think about ancient aliens, lost colonies, and fingerprints of the gods

It’s no secret that far more people watch TV shows like the History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ than attend lectures by professional archaeologists and historians.  Millions of people tune in to watch TV series and docu-dramas with a questionable grip on facts about the past.  The stories spun by producers and writers may have some basis […]


1937 Vancouver UFO photo looks exactly like the recent SpaceX launch

Left photo: 1937 UFO sighting over city hall. Right: Dec 22, 2017 SpaceX launch photo by Karen Hilburg via Twitter   There’s been a lot of TALK about UFOs in the media lately, as the U.S. Defense Department confirmed it had been spending millions of dollars investigating “anomalous aerial vehicles”. The internet loves a good conspiracy theory, and somebody […]


“Flying Ship” Found Under The Great Pyramid?

The Solar Ship. Many precious artefacts have been recovered within Egypt over the years, many ancient Egyptian tombs found intact, untouched for millennia, still containing the valuable items left for their kings, with the intention of their beloved pharaohs use, in their passage to the afterlife. And with the mountains of gold and glistening jewels […]