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Extraordinary Documentary Tells Us How Ancient Aliens Helped Build The Pyramids Of Egypt

If there are two things that people are fascinated about than those two are probably Ancient Egypt and… Aliens. The intriguing and enigmatic history of ancient Egypt has so many questions that scholars simply cannot answer, possibly because of their conventional thinking methods or because in the end, they prefer to leave the truth where […]

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The Great Labyrinth of Egypt: (The ‘lost Labyrinth’)

It has been announced this year that the ‘lost labyrinth‘ of Egypt at Hawara has been re-discovered by an expedition funded by NRIAG, Ghent University/Kunst-ZichtLouis De Cordier, with the cooperation of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Horus Foundation & Isel Foundation. Scroll down for more:The Lost Labyrinth: This colossal temple was described in the past by authors such as […]


Hundreds of Mysterious Stone ‘Gates’ Found in Saudi Arabia’s Desert

Google Earth has unlocked the gates to ancient mysteries around the world. For years, amateur and professional archaeologists have used the search engine’s satellite imagery to discover mysterious earthworks in Kazakhstan, Roman ruins, a forgotten fortress in Afghanistan and more. In the past decade, Google Earth also has helped identify thousands of burial sites and other “works of the […]


Scientists could CLONE 50,000-year-old cave lion cub in Jurassic Park-style experiment after it was found perfectly preserved in Siberia

An extinct cave lion cub in ‘perfect condition’ has been found in the Siberian permafrost, its head still resting gently on a paw after up to 50,000 years. The extraordinary find – which raises hopes of cloning the long-gone species back to life in a Jurassic Park-style experiment – was unveiled today in Yakutsk, capital […]


12 Photographs Mainstream Archaeology Does Not Want You to See

Conventional archaeology propagates the notion that the further we look back into history, the more archaic the civilizations we see and the more inferior their methods of construction. Yet all over the world are ancient anomalies and megalithic marvels constructed with a lost high technology that confound today’s experts, defy our greatest modern engineering and tell […]