‘MOON LANDING HOAX’ Film claims to show how NASA ‘faked Apollo 11 mission’

NASA astronauts faked distant shots of the Earth from 130,000 miles away by filming a window of their spacecraft while in low orbit of our world, it has shockingly been claimed. Documentary seeks to prove Apollo 11 moon landing was fake A video uploaded to YouTube claims colour video footage of the astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, filmed […]

Aliens/UFOs Conspiracy

Former worker of area 51 talks about the extraterrestrials, stargate and the cube of Orion

Dan Burisch, born in California in 1964, studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and did a Ph.D. in microbiology in 1989 in the state of New York. BURISCH: “MILITARY IS IN POSSESSION OF SHIPS AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS” In 1986 he received an unexpected visit at the […]


Russia Spills the Beans: Antarctica, It’s Not What We’re Being Told!

Ground-penetrating radar has discovered another continent under the Antarctic ice. Is this the fallen angelic civilization that has captured the interest of world leaders, and particularly the Vatican? There’s a ban on Antarctica, now see why. Plus the Venomous 14-Arm Octopus! Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus. Organism 46b […]

Conspiracy Time travel

Declassified Documents Released: Confirms The Nazi Bell Was A Secret ‘Worm Hole Time Machine’!

Secret operations by leading scientists in Nazi Germany lead to the discovery of one of the most biggest and mysterious wonder weapons – Die Glocke or in English, “The Bell”. But what made “The Bell” so wondrous? Well, the brightest scientific minds were working on anti-gravity theories which were very popular during World War II. […]


I Was In The Illuminati I’m Going To Tell You Everything, Shocking Expose

A former illuminati member has publicly outlined the plans that the secret society has in store for the world in the coming years. After spending 47 years as a high-ranking illuminati member, the anonymous insider says that he wants to “reveal everything” after the burden of keeping it a secret became “too much to bear”. In an online post the […]