Lost/Advanced civilizations

12000 Yr Old Mountain Sized Statue Found In Africa?

There are many ancient relics, strewn across our planet, which are unimaginably ancient. Hidden from inquisitive minds, often by a variety of factors, millennia of undergrowth, conspiratorial bodies, or even personal perceptions of historical truth. However, there lay a far more interesting, far more inspiring tale, resting just beneath the surface of this illusion, just […]

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Massive 8.5 Mile Pyramid Discovered on Google Earth Believed To be Atlantis

A strange object the shape of a pyramid has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean leading researchers to believe they have found the site the mythological City of Atlantis. The mysterious structure, estimated between 3.5 and 11 miles across, was discovered on Google Earth in the Pacific Ocean just west of Mexico. A video […]

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Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel tower discovered under antarctic ice sheets

British scientists discovered the 820-foot tunnels in West Antarctica They were detected on airborne radar imaging and satellite photos Suggest that water flows in concentrated ‘rivers’ beneath ice sheets The information will be used to predict how the ice will melt A team of British scientists has discovered tunnels that are almost as tall as […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

Ancient Hindu Manuscript reveals Interplanetary Travel and flight existed 7,000 years ago

It is believed that Bharadwaja made approximately 500 guidelines describing in details aviation and other technologies, present on earth thousands of years ago. However, the authors note that the current manuscript features only between 100 to 120 guidelines. Experts are convinced that foreign rulers who invaded India stole many of these manuscripts, studying them to produce […]