Lost/Advanced civilizations

The Moon is Not What You Think it is – What Ancient Human Civilizations Said About The Moon

Ancient Human Civilizations across multiple continents around the world speak of the time BEFORE the Moon arrived – and with it so did our ocean tides, seasons and conditions prime for an abundance of life. However, there is an abundance of evidence that significant information regarding our Moon and the Apollo landings have been withheld […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

An ancient device too advanced to be real gives up its secrets at last

Though it it seemed to be just a corroded lump of some sort when it was found in a shipwreck off the coast ofGreece near Antikythera in 1900, in 1902 archaeologist Valerios Stais, looking at the gear embedded in it, guessed that what we now call the “Antikythera mechanism” was some kind of astronomy-based clock. He was in the minority—most agreed that something so sophisticated must […]

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Mysterious Staircase Found In Giza Plateau?

An announcement that seemingly slipped us by, was made recently within Egypt. This announcement, pertained to an amazing discovery made within an area of the Giza plateau, that for a number of decades, has been conveniently been shut off from the public… Although the location is claimed to be a military training base, archaeologists have […]

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Sumerian Advanced Ancient Technology Inventions New Documentary 2018

The civilizations of Ancient Mesopotamia brought many astounding advances in the areas of science and technology. In this excellent new documentary Kingdoms of Sumeria ‘The Legacy of Sumerian Scientists’ we take on some of the biggest enigmas of the Sumerians, in our journey so far. Many will know of certain Sumerian and Babylonian scientific curiosities […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

China, 12,000 years ago an Extraterrestrial Race used the pyramid of Xiangyang as an spaceport

China is at the center of legends, myths and stories of extraterrestrial visitors and many are focused on the Xiangyang pyramid. Local villagers claim that their ancestors talked about large ships (of an extraterrestrial race) that sailed through the skies and used the pyramid as a landing and refueling site. Extraterrestrial origins The hypothesis about […]