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Aliens are here? Nope, just rare type of lightning sprite spotted over Oklahoma

A “jellyfish lightning sprite” is spotted over a thunderstorm near Oklahoma City on May 24, 2018 (Photo: Paul Smith, Dramatic Sky Photography)   It might be one of the most freakish, yet more beautiful natural phenomenon you’ll see — a flash of “jellyfish sprite” lightning. Paul Smith captured the incredible photo while storm chasing near […]

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Dinosaurs and UFOs Did Coexist With Humans Heres The Proof, The Timelines Must Change!

In July 1944, the 69 year old German merchant and amateur archaeologist, Waldemar Julsrud, took a ride on his horse along the base of the Hill “El Toro” (the Bull) at Acámbaro in Mexico. Suddenly, he saw half buried under the mud, some ceramic figurines. His interest was piqued immediately, because some years before he […]


20 Mystery Facts about The Haunted Forest of Hoia Baciu – Transylvania’s Bermuda Triangle

The dense and massive Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania is one of the mysterious places, lying on the earth’s crust. Innumerable accounts of supernatural events and creepy stories revolve around this place that still stands as mysteries to the modern human civilization. 20 strange and unexplained facts about the Hoia Baciu Forest (1) There have several […]