Something Is Heating Up Inside Egypt’s Ancient Pyramids

CAIRO — Two weeks of new thermal scanning in Egypt’s Giza pyramids have identified anomalies in the 4,500-year-old burial structures, including a major one in the largest pyramid, the Antiquities Ministry announced Monday. The scanning showed “a particularly impressive one (anomaly) located on the Eastern side of the Khufu pyramid at ground level,” the ministry said […]

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Proof Of Time Travel? Bizarre Claims Nuclear Bomb Was Detonated In India 12,000 Years Ago [Video]

A NUCLEAR bomb blast killed half a million people in India 12,000 years ago, according to shocking claims Videos uploaded by conspiracy theory and UFO websites suggest there is evidence of the ancient blast happening in a desert region near Jodhpur. Website was the latest to link to one of the videos today. The […]

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Curiosity Rover finds “wheels” on Mars: Remains of an ancient civilization?

Many ufologists suggest that NASA’s very own Alien rover; Curiosity has found “wheels” on the Martian surface: Is this object in fact the ultimate proof that life existed on the surface of our neighbor planet in the distant past? Are these the remains of an ancient civilization? It’s nothing new to come across images like this […]


Underwater Ancient Petroglyphs captured accidentally by a drone in Vancouver Canada

When Rob Antill, a Photographer & owner of was testing his drone captured the most significant old ancient petroglyphs in WhiteWater Ski Resort car park located at Lake St, Nelson, BC Canada. The rest of his photo can be seen here Since geoglyphs discovered that this man can call this finding in his honor. Come out […]


The Moon is not what you think it is – what ancient human civilizations said about the Moon

Past civilizations of many continents speak about the time before the moon arrived and thus provided for tides, seasons and optimal conditions for life. Nevertheless, there is an enormous amount of information about the moon and the Apollo landings that are held back from the masses. For example, the Moon Express Mining operation. Source


NASA Saw Something Come Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time Ever

You don’t have to know a whole lot about science to know that black holes normally suck things in, not spew things out. But NASA detected something mighty bizarre at the supermassive black hole Markarian 335. Two of NASA’s space telescopes, including the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), amazingly observed a black hole’s corona “launched” […]