Mysteries/Unexplained Time travel

The MATH of time travel REVEALED: Scientists claim we CAN travel in time

According to a new study, time travel is—mathematically speaking—possible. A researcher has concluded that space should NOT be divided into three dimensions—where time is separated. Instead, four dimensions need to be imagined simultaneously as a space-time continuum in which the different directions are connected. While time travel has only been possible in popular movies and […]

Mysteries/Unexplained Religion

Woman dead for 23 hours in hell reports seeing Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul II and many other celebrities

Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, aged 18 from Ecuador wrote Prepare to Meet Your God and in it, she talks about being dead for 23 hours and finding herself in hell among many celebrities that include Michael Jackson the singer and Pope John Paul II. The woman testifies (watch the original video testimony at the end […]

Mysteries/Unexplained Other

Mars ‘Pyramid’ Seen By NASA Rover Isn’t Quite What It Seems

NASA’s Curiosity rover has photographed a pyramid on Mars–at least that’s what some paranormal enthusiasts seem to think. A new YouTube video from Paranormal Crucible maintains that a photo snapped by the rover’s Mastcam camera on May 7, 2015 shows a pyramid of “near perfect design and shape” and that the object is likely “the result of intelligent design […]

Aliens/UFOs Mysteries/Unexplained

Man finds mysterious wooden box in dumpster. The ‘alien-like drawings’ inside scared netizens

A mysterious wooden box containing strange (and ridiculously detailed) writings and drawings of UFOs, aliens, as well as other supernormal things spooked the lady who first found it—she then quickly discarded it. But the box was returned to her after someone found it in the dump, and it was given a name: “The Box of […]