Aliens/UFOs Conspiracy

Mars Is Inhabited By Humans And We Have A Secret Pact With Aliens, Space Activist Reveals

According to multiple sources, world leaders have already established contact with otherworldly intelligent beings and are now governing the Earth in accordance with a universal pact between many advanced races residing in the universe. While for some of us it’s undeniable that extraterrestrial beings exist somewhere in the cosmos, there are others who claim that […]


NASA Scientist Admits Portals Are Opening Around Earth – Proof That Project Pegasus Is Real?

Many people believe the Universe can be explored in almost a blink of an eye, using energetic portals and our consciousness. The Ancients knew about these means of traveling to other Star Systems, but also to the inner Earth using crystals, pyramids, and other earthen structures aligned with the ley lines of our planet. Alice’s rabbit […]