Mystery shape filmed flying slowly above Russia is ‘best evidence’ for aliens ever recorded, enthusiasts claim 

The mystery object appears to be triangular in shape with one light at each corner – it has been identified as a TR-3B by enthusiasts A mystery object has allegedly been filmed flying slowly above Russia in what UFO enthusiasts claim is the ‘best evidence’ for extra-terrestrials ever recorded. The bizarre footage , showing the […]

Aliens/UFOs Archaeology

Why Have Archaeologists Ignored These Remarkable Ancient Discoveries

Look at these stunning archaeological discoveries of human bones, artifacts, and human footprints millions of years old. Many scientists have forgotten or ignored these remarkable artifacts, they point to something unthinkable, humans have existed on earth for many millions of years. Of course, this evidence contradicts the textbook theories about human origins, and therefore the […]


UFO Crash Discovered on Mars

In the 26 months it spent on Mars’ surface, the Curiosity rover has sent back valuable information about the red planet’s past. It brought evidence that water once flowed over its surface, bringing us one step closer to understanding our place in the universe. Curiosity also snapped several photos that caused heated debate among viewers. […]


Jesus shows child coming ‘ALIEN INVASION’

This little boy, Jeremy, had a near-death experience where he believes Jesus showed him a coming alien/demon invasion upon the earth… and it’s not going to turn out good for humanity. His mother Giovanna highlights different details about her boy’s incredible experiences. She states that one day, she will see him again in Heaven. Watch […]