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Why Have Archaeologists Ignored These Remarkable Ancient Discoveries

Look at these stunning archaeological discoveries of human bones, artifacts, and human footprints millions of years old. Many scientists have forgotten or ignored these remarkable artifacts, they point to something unthinkable, humans have existed on earth for many millions of years. Of course, this evidence contradicts the textbook theories about human origins, and therefore the […]


Great Pyramid’s Secret Void May Hide ‘Throne Made Of Extraterrestrial Material’ claim experts

The existence of an ‘iron throne’ made out of minerals of extraterrestrial origin in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, has been proposed to explain the ‘enormous void’ found by experts inside the Great Pyramid. In early November 2017, Nature published the results of the Scan Pyramids project, led by Mehdi Tayoubi (Hip Institute, Paris) and […]

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300,000-year-old skulls that look shockingly like ours could rewrite the human origin story

Anthropologist Jean-Jacques Hublin showing off one of the finds, a crushed human skull whose eye orbits are visible just beyond his fingertip. Precisely when and where did our species emerge? Anthropologists have struggled with that question for decades, and scattered clues had suggested the answer lay somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa about 200,000 years ago. But new evidence […]


The Coso Artifact

In 1961, Wally Lane, Mike Mikesell and Virginia Maxey, co-owners of the LM&V Rockhounds Gem and Gift Shop in Olancha, California, went into the Coso Mountains to look for unusual rocks. They found a fossil-encrusted geode on February 13, 1961, on a mountain peak 4,300 feet high, about 340 feet above the dry Owens Lake, […]


Human Skulls with Horns Discovered in Pennsylvania: Demons, Children of the Nephilim or Something Else?

Towards the end of the 19th century, a burial mound at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania revealed several strange skeletons. Some of the skulls found in the burial mound had horns protruding from their foreheads, two inches above the eyebrows. Except for the horns, the skeletons had another intriguing feature; they belonged to men that had […]

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600 Million Year Old Fossils Of Tiny Humanoids Found In Antarctica

  The National Reporter fossilized skeletal remains of what appears to be extremely small humans have been discovered in the rocky terrain of Antarctica’s Whitmore mountain range. Interestingly enough, this discovery was made while yours truly was in Antarctica on assignment for The National Reporter to debunk a ridiculous tabloid story about a UFO base in […]