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Mysterious Staircase Found In Giza Plateau?

An announcement that seemingly slipped us by, was made recently within Egypt. This announcement, pertained to an amazing discovery made within an area of the Giza plateau, that for a number of decades, has been conveniently been shut off from the public… Although the location is claimed to be a military training base, archaeologists have […]

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Sumerian Advanced Ancient Technology Inventions New Documentary 2018

The civilizations of Ancient Mesopotamia brought many astounding advances in the areas of science and technology. In this excellent new documentary Kingdoms of Sumeria ‘The Legacy of Sumerian Scientists’ we take on some of the biggest enigmas of the Sumerians, in our journey so far. Many will know of certain Sumerian and Babylonian scientific curiosities […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

China, 12,000 years ago an Extraterrestrial Race used the pyramid of Xiangyang as an spaceport

China is at the center of legends, myths and stories of extraterrestrial visitors and many are focused on the Xiangyang pyramid. Local villagers claim that their ancestors talked about large ships (of an extraterrestrial race) that sailed through the skies and used the pyramid as a landing and refueling site. Extraterrestrial origins The hypothesis about […]

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A Great Sphinx Discovered In Pakistan

In a place known as Balochistan, Pakistan,at exactly 6000 kilometers far of Sphinx of Egypt, another sphinx can also be found, clearly of a similar antiquity… Supporting the suspicion claimed many times on our page, that a civilisation which far predated the ancient Egyptians, actually built these amazing pyramid, for a sophisticated, although as yet, […]

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The Hidden Secrets of Cholula, The Largest Pyramid On Earth

The Largest Pyramid on Earth isn’t the Nice Pyramid of Giza. Midway world wide, in modern-day Mexico lie the ruins of an impressive historical construction which rightfully holds the title as the biggest pyramid ever constructed. Stated to have been erected by the enormous Xelhua, in accordance with Aztec Mythology, this historical construction is believed […]

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Photographs Mainstream Archaeology Does Not Want You to See

Conventional archaeology propagates the notion that the further we look back into history, the more archaic the civilizations we see and the more inferior their methods of construction. Yet all over the world are ancient anomalies and megalithic marvels constructed with a lost high technology that confound today’s experts, defy our greatest modern engineering and […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

Astrophysicists Say Our Solar System Long Ago Had An Advanced Civilization…That Vanished Without a Trace!

Was our solar system once home to an advanced civilization that predated humanity by hundreds of millions of years? And we don’t mean humans! While there is no evidence for a pre-human indigenous technological species, people have been speculating about it since ancient times. Now, one space scientist is pointing out that the existence of […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

12000 Yr Old Mountain Sized Statue Found In Africa?

There are many ancient relics, strewn across our planet, which are unimaginably ancient. Hidden from inquisitive minds, often by a variety of factors, millennia of undergrowth, conspiratorial bodies, or even personal perceptions of historical truth. However, there lay a far more interesting, far more inspiring tale, resting just beneath the surface of this illusion, just […]