Lost/Advanced civilizations

7 Shockingly Advanced ANCIENT STRUCTURES That SHOULDN’T Exist

In the world we live in today, incredible feats in architectural engineering has become commonplace thanks to humanity’s innate flair for creativity and the advancements mankind has achieved for the last hundred years in terms of modern technology and machinery. Since we encounter these towering, beautiful and breathtaking structures almost on a daily basis, it’s […]

Lost/Advanced civilizations

LIFE ON MARS: NASA rover finds ‘unique fossils’ on Red Planet

Photographs taken by NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, Lens Imager (MAHLI) may show trace fossils on the Red Planet, according to researcher Barry DiGregorio. Mr DiGregorio, who written several research papers about Mars, believes that the images taken at the start of 2018 could be similar to Ordovician trace fossils. He said: “They look remarkably similar […]

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Unsolved Enigma Of The Inga Stone And Its Mysterious Ancient Undeciphered Signs

 It’s covered with mysterious ancient signs and remarkable engravings of geometric shapes. Who made these astonishing drawings? There are about 497 signals written on the sculptures on all cave walls. There are many theories have been presented regarding Inga Stone There have been a lot of speculations about the origin of these intriguing markings, but so far […]