NASA Scientist Admits Portals Are Opening Around Earth – Proof That Project Pegasus Is Real?

Many people believe the Universe can be explored in almost a blink of an eye, using energetic portals and our consciousness. The Ancients knew about these means of traveling to other Star Systems, but also to the inner Earth using crystals, pyramids, and other earthen structures aligned with the ley lines of our planet. Alice’s rabbit […]

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Mysterious Staircase Found In Giza Plateau?

An announcement that seemingly slipped us by, was made recently within Egypt. This announcement, pertained to an amazing discovery made within an area of the Giza plateau, that for a number of decades, has been conveniently been shut off from the public… Although the location is claimed to be a military training base, archaeologists have […]

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Zuckerberg Loses Contact Lens During Senate Hearing Revealing Horrifying Lizard Eye

WASHINGTON, D.C.—During his much-publicized appearance before a bipartisan Senate committee Tuesday, the false, humanlike contact lens Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had placed over his left eye accidentally fell out, revealing the horrifying yellow lizard eye lying underneath. “Senator, I don’t have that information with me right now,” the tech billionaire said for the seven hundredth […]


Star Wars’ Yoda Is Real! This 14th Century Manuscript Depicts Him

Master Yoda is one of the most famous and popular characters from Star Wars. However, new research suggests that the character was based on a real being. An image which looks suspiciously similar to the famous Jedi master has been discovered in a fourteenth-century manuscript. Historian Damian Kempf discovered the image in a manuscript known […]


‘Researcher’ Predicts Doomsday Again, Now Says It Will Be April 23

CBS Local — A Christian numerologist is apparently living by the motto, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” After striking out on his predictions that the world will end in September and October, self-proclaimed “researcher” David Meade is now marking April 23 as Doomsday. Like his previous theories, Meade claims the mysterious rogue planetNibiru (also known as Planet X) is […]


Meet ‘Die Glocke’, The Mysterious Nazi Anti Gravity Machine

Die Glocke (The Bell) was a supposed Nazi Wunderwaffe, or marvel weapon. It was described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in Prawda or Wunderwaffe (2000), later popularized by army journalist and author Nick Prepare dinner, in addition to by Joseph P. Farrell and different authors who affiliate it with Nazi occultism antigravity and […]